How Can I Make Aging Easier

My aunt didn’t expect to live to be 90 and using a walker. So far she has managed to age in place in her own home of more than 50 years and wants to continue to do so. While there have been a few adjustments she has made like a chair for the tub and a raised seat for the toilet overall things have remained the same. Day to day there are things she struggles with and needs help doing and like many of us she doesn’t like to ask for help. So, that means she goes without and accepts this as the way things have to be.

My mother had Rheumatoid Arthritis that got progressively got worse. She spent her last years in a wheelchair and with little use of her hands. She lived in an assisted living apartment that had had everything she needed to be able to function on her own, wider doorways, no transition laminate flooring, lower countertops, handles instead of knobs, etc. Things were certainly easier but she too had wanted to age in place but was not able to do so in her own home.

When Things Are Good

I’m in my late 60’s and until the last few years when my Rheumatoid Arthritis starting really giving me a hard time I did not give much thought to how I was going to age. Even seeing my mother’s progression didn’t make me seriously think about. it. After all I’m a different person. I take better care of myself. I take advantage of new diets and treatments. I have a better chance of not ending up in a wheelchair. It was my hands that did it.

They just don’t work very well anymore. I have some deformity and pain that has made things more challenging and it has opened my eyes to think about what i need to be doing to make things easier as I get older. I have an opportunity to make changes in case things get worse.

Changes To Houses

I am very fortunate to be building a home on my son and daughter-in-laws property. I don’t know how I got so lucky that they wanted me so close (I hope they know what they’ve gotten themselves into). It will be where I age in place and I’m making sure as much as possible to make it aging friendly. I’ve been reading and learning about ADA (Americans for Disability’s Act which sets guidelines to make housing work well for disabled people of all ages

I Am Getting Older

I am very fortunate to be in a position to be able to able to build my own house, a house in which I can age in place. This is thanks in no small part to my son and daughter-in-law.

It’s going to be a small house for easy maintenance. Two story but on the first floor there will be the master bedroom and bath and I’m following ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines for housing. So I’ve been learning a lot about what it takes to make a home livable if I need a wheelchair or walker, hopefully a long time from now and maybe never but I’ll be prepared.

And being prepared is the best thing because LIFE CHANGES.

I’m trying to look at all these things with an open mind. I don’t like to think that I’m getting older. It sure is easy to think I’ll figure it out when I need it or procrastinate and not deal with the inevitable but I think it will be easier and more affordable if I start to address some of these things now rather than later.

So, I’m hoping you’ll join me on this journey as I try to figure out…

How can I make getting older easier?


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